Do you have a story to share? Your perspective can shed light on key problems and opportunity areas for pulmonary fibrosis.  Share your experience through a 1-2 minute video or a 250 word statement for the chance to win a $500 cash prize and create meaningful, lasting change for the PF community.


  • What is the hardest part of living with, or caring for, someone with PF?
  • What is the most pressing issue for people living with PF and how are you managing this challenge?
  • What type of improvement would make the biggest change? (examples: diagnosis, treatment, oxygen access/therapy)


  • What are your barriers to getting or providing optimal care?


This Challenge is comprised of 3 tracks to which innovators can submit  their ideas. One winner will be selected per track for a total of 3 winners who will each receive $25,000 that can be used for development and operational support. Below are the three tracks, each one offering sample problem statements around which innovators can submit their applications:

Track 1 | Protect
How might we address urgent and immediate needs caused by the pandemic?
This track seeks solutions that:

  • Enable safe and effective interactions between patients and healthcare providers within healthcare facilities
  • Extend monitoring and testing capabilities to better serve at-risk and vulnerable populations
  • Enable more efficient access to essential items including medical supplies, food, and financial support

Track 2 | Prevent

How might we prevent or mitigate a resurgence of disease? 

This track seeks solutions that:

  • Accelerate the testing of vaccines and therapies
  • Improve response time and community outreach in the face of a resurgence

Track 3 | Persevere

How might we facilitate reactivation & re-opening?
This track seeks solutions that: 

  • Promote physically and psychologically safe work environments 
  • Enable safer back-to-work processes?
  • Facilitate the sourcing and use of high-quality physical and behavioral care outside of healthcare facilities

Submission process

Applicants are asked to submit a 2-minute video and complete a short application to be considered for the Challenge. Applications will be judged according to the following criteria:

  • Clear problem identification and description 
  • Solution description, and requirements for implementation
  • Project plan, resources, and use of funds required in the next 6 months – what would the dollars help you accomplish, i.e. customer validation, design & prototyping, workflow integration support, testing/piloting?
  • Stage of development & team


May 27 | Challenge launches          

June 16 | Challenge closes                   

June 22 | Review & selection of top 6 applicants                        

June 30 | Virtual Final Pitch Event | Winners announced